Since your Connected to Wi-Fi connection, the Wi-Fi network card is already using its components to access the network from the Router. Same device should be used to share the internet which is not possible. However you can Share the internet to other device directly from the router.

Solved: Hello.. I have a internet router connecting two internet circuit provided by same ISP, BGP is running on this router, i am looking for load sharing/load balancing over both links. Could you pls help how this could achieve. How to connect a router to share your Internet connection 3. Power cycle the router after the cable/dsl modem - the router needs to obtain its new WAN/Internet IP address from the cable/dsl modem. Most routers are set … Best Alternative to Internet Connection Sharing in Windows Jul 27, 2018 Windows Networking: Customizing Your Network Sharing Settings

Linksys WRT54GL Wi-Fi Wireless-G Broadband Router,Blue / Black

Sharing a Windows Computer's Connection: Configure your devices on the network. When sharing …

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