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Nov 23, 2006 · Hi all, I cant get a high id in emule on Vista. I have: - Added emule as an exception to the Vista Firewall - Opened my TCP port in the Vista Firewall - Opened my UDP port in the Vista Firewall Mar 12, 2006 · So Ive about searched to the max as to how to fix my low ID problem on both Kad and eMule servers. Ive forwarded the appropriate ports (and then some possibly) in my Draytek router, but still fail www.emule-security.org: No.1 !! Sep 03, 2007 · Low ID means that the ports specified in eMule's preferences -> Connection is blocked or can not be reached. There are different reasons for users getting Low ID's. The most common ones are outlined below and there is also a description of how to fix them: Misconfigured routers I've always used emule and McAfee Total Protection. Since the last update emule can not connect properly and get a low ID. If you disable the McAfee firewall emule okay again. Have full permission to access. If I enable the firewall loses access. you change been made in the latter one update? Nov 04, 2006 · Low ID on Emule? I have recently changed from an AOL BT Voyager usb broadband modem with a 2mbps connection to a netgear adsl modem router plugged into a 10/100 mbps card in my PC. Now when I log onto emule, I only get a low ID, when I always used to get a high ID.

j'ai une freebox, et j'ai emule, mais je suis en low ID, et j'aimrais etre en how ID! Je n'ai pas d'adresse IP fixe, car je suis connecter grâce à la WIFI! mon par feux de XP est configuré pour laisser passer emule, le routeur de ma freebox est activer car j'ai un autre PC conecter via ethernet! enfin voila ma mule a toujour son bandage!!

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