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Which is the Worst Computer Virus in - Top Brands Compare Which is the Worst Computer Virus in History? Viruses are malicious soft wares that get transmitted to our personal computer systems and corrupt or critically damage the data present within. Viruses are equally capable of manipulating the confidential files and documents present inside the device and result in huge jeopardy of the user’s Comparison of computer viruses - Wikipedia The compilation of a unified list of computer viruses is made difficult because of naming. To aid the fight against computer viruses and other types of malicious software, many security advisory organizations and developers of anti-virus software compile and publish lists of viruses. When a new virus appears, the rush begins to identify and understand it as well as develop appropriate counter The 8 Most Famous Computer Viruses of All Time Feb 22, 2016

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Top 10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time 1. Slammer. Slammer is easily one of the worst computer viruses of all times for two reasons: the sheer amount of panic 2. Stuxnet. What makes this virus really stand out from the other ones on the list is the fact that it was made by a 3. The Melissa 10 Worst Computer Viruses of All Time | HowStuffWorks But the concern is understandable -- according to Consumer Reports, computer viruses helped contribute to $8.5 billion in consumer losses in 2008 [source: MarketWatch]. Computer viruses are just one kind of online threat, but they're arguably the best known of the bunch. Computer viruses have been around for …

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