Jan 27, 2020

The data transfer rate for a lowest DDR3 RAM is at around 6400MB/s while the fastest SATA3 is only at 1969MB/s, not mention that it can go all the way up to 17000MB/s on a fast DDR3. Here is a benchmark comparison I did between an SSD drive and a RAMDisk on my computer. See for yourself how much differences a RAMDisk could be. How to find your RAM speed, type and size on PC and Mac Jun 06, 2020 How Random Access Memory (RAM) affects performance | Dell US Jun 18, 2020

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How to speed up Windows 10 | TechRadar Apr 20, 2020 How to improve your computer performance and SSD life span The browsers intensively use a folder on your hard disk drive for temporary data, known as the browser cache. It is a good idea to move the cache to the RAM disk to speed up browsing and reduce SSD’s wear and tear. The easiest way to move your browser cache to the RAM disk is to use our simple utility (download size 1.8M). It works by

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