Airtel 4G hotspot Router IP Address Not Working [Solved]

Hotspot Shield is configured to automatically assign IP addresses based on the geographical location you chose. We currently do not offer the option to choose specific IP addresses. WIFI HOTSPOT & WIFI IP CAMERA: Combination of wifi hotspot and wifi function. Wifi feature with Free App allows device user to remote control, free App can be download from App Store or Google Play, check your belongings everywhere anytime. WIFI HOTSPOT: Without internet, camera is capable of sending wifi hotspot and recording without I am thinking what is happening here is that the device you are connecting with is not sending its location data to the sites you are visiting and is instead looking at the origin of the IP address which you are connecting to through the hotspot. If that is the case, the ip address that it is seeing is most likely coming from the main server May 21, 2018 · Here is a video on the Jumbospot running MMDVM Pi-star and how to set it up. These hotspots are flooding the market and they work just fine, as a cost effective way to get in to the hotspot scene When on the road, my program needs an internet connection as well as the gps data, so I need to pair to my iphone to get internet. After doing this, however, my program can't determine my iphone's IP address so I can't get the location data. Does my iphone have an IP address when it's the "router" effectively, via personal hotspot?? The app is simple to use and comes with a kill switch to protect you from IP leaks if the VPN connection drops. Hotspot Shield supports 5 simultaneous connections on a single subscription, which means you can secure a mix of five computers, phones or tablets with one account. I see that the IP is, so any ip in 192.168.43.X would be reserved for Android's DHCP server. But I need the machine that connects to Android's hotspot to have a static IP. I would have multiple Android hotspots connected to my machine using different WiFi nic cards.

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Access the Admin Page using Wi-Fi. Connect to your hotspot device through Wi-Fi using the network connection software on your computer. Provide the Wi-Fi network password, if requested.

Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot Setup Using Static IP