DNS leaks are also common. Every time you type in a web address, your computer connects to a DNS server to figure out where to take you. By default, your computer will connect to your Internet Service Provider’s DNS server. Unfortunately, ISPs record those DNS requests, which could ultimately be traced back to you.

dxbns1.duhosting.ae That server is listed at the parent servers. SOA Serial: Your SOA serial number is: 51623. The recommended format (per RFC1912 2.2) is YYYYMMDDnn, where 'nn' is the revision. Your SOA serial appears to be the number of seconds since midnight 01 Jan 1970 when the last DNS … How to get a UAE IP address (for Free) from Anywhere with Aug 28, 2019 Fastest DNS Servers For XBox – 2019 Mar 27, 2019

DNS servers in United States

VPN: Virtual Private Network, a virtual tunnel through the Internet to bypass censorship or geo-restrictions for content like Netflix, Amazon Video or others. DNS: Domain Name Server - a server on the internet which tells your computer at which IP address a specific domain name can be found. Many times, DNS Servers are used to censor certain Websites by not resolving the IP address or PSA/discussion: Which DNS server to use in the UAE : dubai Dec 11, 2008

Dubai Expat Forum - Dubai high tech talk Etisalat DNS servers Post reply. jabbajabba: Does anyone know the IP addresses of Etisalats DNS machines. I don't get any provided by DHCP - so i end up with 'domain.invalid'. It seems this is really slowing up my look ups.

DNS hijacking grabs headlines, but it’s just the tip of DNS pioneer Paul Vixie contemplates missed opportunities for improving internet security and advocates for widespread use of DNSSEC, which he helped create, and which he believes would go a long Etisalat DNS